walking the great trail

stories from the trail: pictures and posts tracing an eastbound cross-canada trek

DISTANCE WALKED: 8618.4 km (January 23, 2017)

**Currently in Saint Georges, NL


40 thoughts on “walking the great trail

  1. Good morning Sarah. I just read about you in the Edmonton Journal. Congratulations on this epic journey. I am the principal of an elementary school in Edmonton, and think your story is a great one that kids would love to hear about. I look forward to reading your blog and hearing the stories of our journey. I think students would benefit hearing about your travels and what you are encountering as you experience this beautiful country of ours. I will be recommending your blog to my teachers. You just never know…the students of my school might want to connect with you.


    • Hi Dan! Thank you this message, and for being excited by my trek! I love the idea of connecting with those who are interested. I’ll be doing my best to update regularly. Maybe I can pop in to say hi when I’m back in town next!



  2. Just heard about your walk on CBC radio this morning. I wish you the very best on your amazing adventure. My young girls (9 & 12) and I will be following you as you progress across our wonderful country. Take care, stay warm and safe.

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  3. I read about your trip in the Edmonton Journal. I’ve got a 19 daughter at the U of A now and I told her that she should do this. I think it’s a great idea but, like your parents, I worry a bit too. Are you going to walk through the winter?

    I hope you get time to post photos on your blog.
    Happy travels!

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    • Hi Bryan! Thanks for the message. My mom says that the worrying is a bit inevitable. I do plan on trekking through the winter, but will hole up if the weather necessitates. And I will do my best to post as regularly as possible! Photos generally get posted at sarahrosedaily.wordpress.com.


  4. Very cool. There’s an old rail bed from the days of the PD Railway from Thunder Bay to Gunflint, Michigan, I’ve always wanted to explore. Never have, yet, but your journey is making me rethink why not. Good luck and safe travels with the rest of the walk. Let’s hope it opens up the parts of the trail that still need to be developed.


  5. Hi Sarah :))) we live in Hurkett ..before nipigon. .. you are welcome to stay here ..or stop in for tea 🙂
    My cell is 807-472-0514…
    Sincerely. …Helen Liba 🙂


  6. Hi Sarah…Im the one who brought you the coca cola,banana, and granola bar today! You are on an amazing adventure. I wish you a safe journey, good health and wonderful memories.

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  7. Sarah, great meeting you today!!! is it not an amazing world when in the middle of nowhere we are cycling with a new friend for a day while he makes his way to Inuvik via Vancouver, and we encounter you and you friend and Copper going the other way on foot headed from Vancouver to St. John’s. Just made my day!!! Have a great time in our neighborhood and on through Muskoka.


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  8. Sarah I saw you and spoke on the trail this afternoon ( the Hamilton to Brantford Rail Trail ) and as a 75 year old I am amazed at what you have done, and what you are going to do.
    I am so happy that I stopped. Lucky me.

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  9. Hi Sara..It’s Penny Falzetta from Terrace Bay Ontario. I was just wondering where you are now? I hope you have had no problems during your travels.


  10. Bravo, Sarah. from my chair in Kanata I have just finished ” Wild by Nature” Sarah Marquis.
    Extreme adventurer. Wishing you strength and wisdom as you cross this great land. If close to this region do connect.


  11. Hi Sarah, Shawna Randolph here … I’m checking on the status of your trek … wondering when you may be complete (are you heading home to Edmonton for Christmas?) We’d love to talk to you when you are all done. Thanks!


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