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  1. Sarah … I saw the article in the paper today about your walk and wondered if you were Daryl and Lori’s daughter .. The message on your blog from your grandma confirmed it! It’s been a while since we have seen you, but I have known both of your parents since shortly after high school … My wife Geri and I played a part in them meeting during our annual lobster bake party years ago at our acreage. Good luck on your journey (both the walk and life!) .. Say hi to your mom and dad from us … Jay Henitiuk


  2. Met you on the road this evening going into my farm to feed the cows if you would like a breakfast or a warm place to sleep if you are still in the paradise hill area give me a call on my cell phone or text me 1-306-344-7439 art & Laureen


  3. Hi Sarah! Thinking of you and Stephen on this last day of April. Hoping that you made it to Winnipeg and are now on your way home for a little rest as I think you must both be weary! Happy Easter!

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  4. Hi Sarah, I’m checking in since I believe the last time we corresponded, you mentioned that you should be done your trek sometime in the spring. How is it going? Are you nearing the end yet? We’d love to catch up with you when it’s complete! Shawna Randolph – Alberta Primetime


  5. Hi Sarah, I’m interested in doing the Gatineau, Mt. Tremblant Montreal sector. Can you advise? How many days, best tenting areas, %road vs %wooded trail, bugs? etc. Would appreciate. Big congrats.
    My dream is to do the Green Mountain Club’s Long Trail from Hazen’s Notch to MASS/VT state line. If health lasts, maybe the JMT? who knows…. thanks again for any leads and info… cheers! Gary


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